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It's probably our 500th Rodeo

About Us

Born and raised in the mountains of Utah, Dillon spent his early years in nature, developing an uncanny ability to multi-task while under stressful circumstances. He skied professionally for ten years. Competing worldwide on the Freeride World Tour and experiencing life in the fast was fun, but Dillon has always gravitated towards design and digital communications as a whole. So in 2013, Dillon shifted gears and finished his degree from the University of Utah and interned as a marketing specialist. Fast forward to current times, and Dillon has worked on over 100 brands and has become a Jedi in website development, design, and running ads. Found and owner of Digital By DG, Dillon is always a call or text away and prides himself on our agency's ability to get the job done and leave the landscape we inhabited an even better place than we found it.

Fun facts about Dillon:

- Professional Skier since 2010

- Certified Bicycle Mechanic

- Amateur Boxer (1-0-0)

- His first child is on the way! (wahoo!)

- Has spent over $2 Million on Facebook & IG ads for various clients

- EditorX Certified Specialist

Dillon Montana Green | Founder, Developer, Designer


Founder, Owner

Annalisa has been sorting pixels for nearly 20 years. They say good design is 99% invisible - Annalisa does exactly that. 


With a penchant for "Show, don't tell," Annalisa is committed to quality and efficiency; helping the world's order and beauty by creating bold and impactful design. Done well, form and function shouldn't compete - the magic happens in tango.

Annalisa B.Millo | Creative Director, Brand Developer, Badass


Creative Director

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